1.Plastic formwork panels was light weight.

2.Gray color waterproof hollow plastic formwork panels has high strength,hardness,impact resistance-small check design.

3.Formwork panels could reuse 80-100times.

4.Hollow plastic formwork panels could be easily install and removed, only tapping not releasing agent.

5.Platic formwork panels were waterproof,anti-high and low temperatureg.

Gray Color Waterproof Hollow Plastic Formwork Panels Introduction

The gray color waterproof hollow plastic formwork panels produced by Yaohang uses imported polypropylene as basic material, adding chemical additives toughening, flame resistance, weather resistance and anti-aging, smelt and form new construction material through chemical molecular structure reorganization.

This pp hollow plastic concrete formwork panels is according to the principle of structural mechanics, neatly arranged, increased four times support, Stronger and more robust;On both sides of the formwork are right angle processing, increasing the bear capacity, construction is more convenient. Hollow principle makes the product expansion coefficient small.

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